Innovative Business Model

A successful business is built on knowledge and a groundbreaking mindset.

We offer differentiated benefits to provide our customers with the best possible service.


Integrated Solutions

Smart Storage

Respect For The Enviroment

Do Not Compete Clause

Transparency ensures peace of mind: Kasulo is committed to not producing own brand capsules.

Integrated Solution

Kasulo is responsible for the entire process: we pick up your green coffee beans and deliver the ready-to-use capsules in a location of your choice.
Pallet Stockpile | Boxes
Green Coffee Beans

You and the Environment

To produce today looking to the future. That’s the philosophy that permeates all of Kasulo’s actions.
The respect for the environment and for the people is and will always be our priority.

  • Ability to recycle your capsules, closing the sustainability cycle
  • Recovery/Reuse of rainwater
  • Solid waste composting
  • Minimum energy consumption process (Cablevey, efficient lighting system)
  • Construction in compliance with the most stringent accessibility requirements
  • Redundant project all over the plant and in production capacity terms
  • Electricity (Generator)
  • Air (Standby equipment)
  • N2 (Redundant Lung)
  • Installed capacity above the local market’s demand (roasting, encapsulation, and packaging)